Felix Maximiliano Henriquez

Born to Carlos Henriquez Garillo and Olga Victoria Calvo, on May 2,1944, Felix Henriquez passed away peacefully at Burnaby Hospital in British Columbia, Canada on January 30th, 2021 with his youngest daughter Alejandra Henriquez having enough time to say goodbye.


In his early days back in Santiago, Chile, Felix studied to become a police officer at the Escuela de Investigaciones Policiales and went on to become a detective. It was his good friend, Carlos Aguilera that introduced Felix to his his wife, Elba and they were wed in 1966.


Felix was not blessed with a son but he fathered four beautiful daughters: Connie the artist, Marcela the scholar, Rocio the chemist and Alejandra the writer. He gave each daughter one of his many talents. Felix is grandfather to 11 grandchildren: Justin, Ryan, Carter, Vanessa, Logan, Marcelo, Ethan, Chase, Ashley, Yanil, and Ronin!


Felix brought his young family to Canada in 1976.


An avid photographer, ahead of his time in the seventies and eighties he was rarely seen without his Canon SLR and enjoyed photographing his wife, kids and the beautiful British Columbian landscapes as the family camped every summer throughout Canada.  However, it isn’t his photographs that are treasured as much amongst his family members, as his oil and acrylic paintings. Felix was also a talented artist and loved painting.


And of course Felix loved his stories or “cuentos” and as a young father and husband had a vast collection of books on philosophy, Encyclopedias, textbooks, Ray Bradbury novels and Carter Brown mysteries by Alan Geoffrey Yates. His favourite novel of all time was, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. Felix loved to write and loved sharing his writings whenever possible.


In his later years, he never stopped writing and had several publications in Spanglish Magazine. Which will be re-published soon as a tribute to Felix.


In Alejandra’s words: “My father Felix, the writer, painter, photographer, guerrillero, MİRista, philosopher and lover of all the good and bad that life had to offer, (although the bad was always much more exciting to him) once told me he was a Pied Piper; here to tell stories, sing songs and have people follow him wherever he went.  He certainly did achieve this goal in his lifetime. He was known to be a comedian and a story teller whenever and wherever he went. And in his final days with me in the hospital, I got to hold his hand, stroke his hair and we spoke a lot about life, death, love and forgiveness. He told me his latest story he was writing and I recorded it so I could have his voice telling me his “cuento” just like he did when I was a little girl. My father had his own inner demons to battle and was not always a good father but he was MY father. Today, I am a published author, public speaker, vlogger and mental health advocate and it is because of him, my dad, Felix. I love you Papi and may you Rest In Peace.”