Frequently Asked Questions

It is common to have questions about the funeral process. This section answers some commonly asked questions to help make this process easier for you. If additional questions arise, please feel free to contact us directly at the funeral home.

How much will it cost?
Like other professional services, the costs will depend on what services are required, merchandise selected, disposition (cremation/burial), disbursements (newspapers, flowers, death certificates, etc.) Each situation is different; there are many variables and options to chose from. Price lists are available upon request.

Where do we get an original death certificate?
After the death occurs, we will obtain information from the next of kin regarding the deceased. The attending physician or the coroner will sign a Medical Certificate of Death (not the death certificate). We will acquire the medical once it is signed and issue the original death certificate. This can be done in a short period of time.

What is the different between a memorial service and a funeral service?
The terminology is often interpreted in different ways. Usually a memorial service refers to a gathering of people where there is no casket present. The burial or cremation would take place at a different time. A funeral service would refer to a gathering where the casket is present and the cremation or burial would take place after the service.

Can we have a funeral service with no viewing?
Yes, very often the casket is closed at the service. There could be a private viewing for family or public visitation at a different time.

Is a casket required for cremation?
At the time of cremation, the deceased must be place in a ridged enclosed container with sufficient strength (plywood box) to hold the deceased and to prevent the deceased from posing a health hazard. If there is to be a public visitation, then a more presentable container should be considered.

Who has the legal authority to make funeral arrangements?
The personal representative named in the will of the deceased ( executor/executrix). If there is no will, the spouse of the deceased has the authority. If there is no spouse, then the adult child. (Section 5 of the Cremation, Interment, and Funeral Services Act deals with further possibilities)

How soon after a death can a cremation be done?
The medical certificate has to be completed by the physician or coroner and 48 hours has to pass before the cremation process.

What should we do if the death occurs in the middle of the night?
Our funeral directors are available 24 hours a day. If the death occurs in a hospital, there are usually procedures that have to occur within their system before we can transfer the deceased to funeral home. If the death occurs in a care facility, we can transfer the deceased to the funeral home immediately upon request of the family. If the expected death occurs at the residence, we can transfer to the funeral home as soon as the death has been pronounced by a physician or registered nurse. If the death occurs unexpectedly at home, call 911.

Can I be buried in an out of town cemetery?
Yes, we can arrange to have your buried virtually anywhere in the world with the assistance of an out of town funeral provider.

We have had a death out of town and wish to have the service/burial in Maple Ridge, can this be done?
Yes . If the death occurs in the province, we will transfer the deceased to the funeral home and make the required arrangements. If the death occurs outside the province, then we can arrange to bring the deceased back to Maple Ridge with the assistance of an out of town funeral provider.

Does the funeral home any guidelines or any regulations that they are required to follow?
We are registered with the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority which is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services act.