Cremation Costs Explained

If you are looking for information about how much cremation services cost in Maple Ridge, BC, we know that it can be quite confusing; that’s why at Garden Hill Funeral Home, we make understanding cremation costs more simple and that is why we created our Cremation Costs Calculator and our No Hidden Fee Guarantee.

We have made cremation easier to understand by our Cremation Cost Calculator. We walk you through 5 simple steps so that you can get the complete costs… with No Hidden Fees!

Our No Hidden Fee Guarantee is that we guarantee that the price we give you over the phone will be the price that you will pay.

For more information, call our helpful staff to answer any other questions you may have about cremation and the cremation services we offer.

Dial our phone number at 604-463-8161 to get answers to any cremation questions you may have.